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Writing Prompt: Say Cheese! Then Chaos ensues.

Say Cheese BLOG

“Say cheese,” the photographer said before pressing the shutter. After the flash was when things got out of hand.

Finn shoved Callie and called her a liar. Everyone was in shock. They just got married. What was going on?

The photographer stood, unsure about what to do next. This was certainly a first experience for him.

The rest of the wedding party was busying about separating Finn from Callie who burst into tears. She kept saying how sorry she was. Finn was fighting against his groomsmen who were holding him back as he continued to yell.

“How could you?!” Finn screamed.

Callie couldn’t respond, she was a blubbering mess. Her maid of honor was asking her what was going on. Callie shook her head.

The photographer decided to keep taking photos, discreetly without using flash. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot something so real and raw.

Finn was dragged away into another room. The photographer snapped a quick photo of Finn’s final look back at Callie.

“Callie, tell me what the hell is going on!” Callie’s mother stormed into the room as the bridesmaids scurried out. The maid of honor stayed beside her.

“I’m sorry,” Callie said to the maid of honor.

“What? Why?”

“I slept with your boyfriend… last night.”

The maid of honor threw her bouquet to the ground as she stood up to move away from Callie.

“You better be joking. Are you fucking with me right now? You fucked my boyfriend?”

“I’m not… I’m so sorry. It was a moment of weakness… I was alone and he stopped by to drop off your stuff because you were going to stay at my place today and… well… yeah.”

The photographer stood in the corner of the room, not really sure what to do. He decided to take one last snap of the scene and then ducked out.

He wandered the halls and heard some men yelling in the other room. There was a loud scuffle as he approached an opened door.

Finn punched a man square in the jaw. The man fell to the ground holding his face, he didn’t even fight back. The photographer assumed that the man was the boyfriend that Callie slept with.

“I deserved that.” The man said as he got himself onto his feet.

“You’re a real jerk. How could you? The night before my wedding? What the hell, dude?”

“I know… I don’t know what came over me. I’m really sorry you had to find out that way, too. It was a one time thing and it’d never happen again. I promise.”

Finn shook his head and stormed off towards the far corner of the room. He stood by the window, fuming. The photographer liked the way Finn looked so he took a quick photo.

He wasn’t sure if he should stick around, but he did want to get his final payment before leaving so the photographer decided to head towards the reception hall where everyone was waiting for the bridal party to come in.

The reception guests had no idea what had just occurred. The bridesmaids were huddled together, whispering amongst themselves, but the rest of the guests were drinking and eating hor d’oeuvres. The party was in high spirits… there had been a wonderful and beautiful ceremony just moments before.

The photographer walked around and took several photos of the guests and the details of each place setting and decor that was carefully placed by the wedding planner. He caught the eye of the wedding planner as he took a quick photo of the guest signing table.

The photographer walked over to the wedding planner who didn’t look very pleased.

“Did you hear what happened?” He asked the wedding planner. She nodded in response. “So, will there still be a party, a dance, and stuff?”

“I don’t know. I was going to give Callie a few minutes before going back there to ask. What did you see?”

“Ummm… I can show you.” The photographer quickly turned his camera in to review mode and showed a few of the shots to the wedding planner. She cringed.

“I’m going to go back and see what’s going on.” She looked over the reception hall and nodded, “I think everything will go fine while I’m gone.”

The wedding planner scurried out of the hall. The photographer continued to take pictures of the guests who posed for him. They all had no inclination that the happy couple was no longer happy. Each had smiling faces and signs that said “CONGRATS!” that the photographer knew Callie had handmade for that specific reason.

After some time, the DJ finally came to the microphone to announce that the bride and groom will not make an appearance for the party, but they both wish for everyone to enjoy the meals and desserts they have planned. Some people started to whisper amongst their table.

The photographer decided it was okay to take a seat. He realized that they probably didn’t want any of the pictures he took for this day and was already about to count his losses about the rest of his payment.

The wedding planner came over to the table he was sitting at and sat beside him. She handed him an envelope with the rest of the payment, plus tip inside.

“Finn said that you still deserved to get paid for coming out here and he apologizes for everything.”

“How’s Callie?”

“Inconsolable. She realized how much she fucked up and is extremely embarrassed about the whole situation.”

“She just lost her two best friends…” The photographer looked over at the wedding planner. “That sucks.”

“I know, but hey, I didn’t think this marriage would’ve lasted that long anyway. In all my years of planning, I’ve never seen a more disinterested couple!!” She chuckled. “Anyway, they also said you could stick around for dinner before heading out and if you have any usable photos, they’re fine with you putting it in your portfolio.”

“Wow, I’ve never had such an easy-going client after shit hits the fan.”


“Well, tell them thanks, I guess. I can’t wait to try the…” The photographer picks up the menu from the table and reads that the main course was “Scallops and pasta”. He cringed, “On a second thought, I think I’ll just head over to the dessert table and take some stuff to go.”

The photographer and the wedding planner shared a smile and both went separate ways. On the way out of the venue the photographer spotted Finn smoking intensely out by the bushes.

“Hey, thanks for the final payment.” The photographer waved to Finn as he walked towards his car. Finn gave a head nod in response before puffing on the cigarette a few times. He didn’t seem like he was in the mood to talk. So the photographer continued on.

The photographer got into his car and exhaled. He then started laughing uncontrollably.

“What a fucking day.”



A/N: Thanks for reading my writing prompt #2 story!! If you decide to write a short story based on this prompt leave a link to it in the comments below!!

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