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WIP Sneak Peek: Collection of Non-Fiction Essays "Anxious Thoughts"

I've been working on a set of essays for a non-fiction novel in regards to my anxiety and becoming a mom. For those of you who don't know, I had a miscarriage in 2019 with our very planned, very wanted baby. It was a very big event that I struggled grieving over and sometimes, still do, to this day. I decided to write down my thoughts and how I felt during these events and subsequent events that transpired afterwards. I continued it through my pregnancy and now as a mom. A lot of what I will put into the memoir will be pulled from my "mommy blog".

I know there's a lot of parenting or mom books out there, but I decided to write this as part therapy and part maybe a relatable book for other mom's grappling with the same issues I was or am dealing with.

So here's an unedited sneak peek of the first essay.

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