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The Good Ol’ Days…

A long time ago, okay about ten to fifteen years ago (yeah, that’s a long time), I used to write a lot of fanfiction and regular fiction for the websites fanfiction and fictionpress. My handles were respectively gracefullyme1025 and fairyworld1217. If any of you guys read anything from those handles… THAT’S ME!

Anyway, I was really into writing Twilight fanfiction. I was a part of the Twilight craze and found myself imagining those characters in different scenarios. Don’t judge me, they were easy characters to write. I did some Fruits Basket and Young Wizards, as well. Fanfiction was a great way for me to work on some creative writing while using characters that were already planned out. I enjoyed placing my favorite characters in alternative endings or universes and seeing how they react in different situations. Sometimes, I just wanted to know what happened beyond the chapter or book so I would write what I think would happen. I think fanfiction was a great way of honing my writing skills for fiction and working my way up to writing my own pieces.

Fictionpress was a great site to use for feedback from other writers and/or readers. I learned a lot from my mistakes and I was grateful for having the base to be able to post my fiction anonymously and have people who don’t know me critique my work. I gained a lot of confidence when I received comments from readers that were positive and it boosted my self-esteem to the point where I believed writing was in the cards for me.

If you want to check out my fanfiction stories, they’re still on there. And if you’re interested in checking out my writings on fictionpress click here.

I don’t know why I stopped publishing. I think I just either ran out of time or lost interest. I feel bad for not finishing any projects I have posted. I’m pretty sure my readers were upset with me for quite some time and silently hoping I’d post an update. But, unfortunately, all my files with those stories were stolen when my external hard drive was stolen from my car sophomore year in college. I could essentially download every single page and work from there, but (newsflash!) I’m kinda lazy.

I recently thought of just taking some of those stories and posting here, but I figured that was just taking the lazy route (see I’m trying to get better) and I should really work on new material. Besides, I’m pretty sure that my high school writing is completely different to how I write now.

It’s fun to look back and see how I progressed over the years. I’d like to say that fanfiction and fictionpress were the adolescence of Emi Sano’s writing. Now, I’m in adulthood and I’m excited to see what comes of my writing.

Thanks for reading!


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