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SCRIPT: Once Upon a Fairy (Synopsis)

Logline: A young girl finds out three things on her thirteenth birthday: her mom is alive, she’s half-fairy, and a group of evil fairies are threatening her life.


Abigail Pryce (13) and Graham Pryce (43) live in a quaint New England town where Graham is an English teacher at Abigail’s school. For a few weeks, Abigail has been fighting off dreams that seem to involve her dead mother, and the night before Abigail’s thirteenth birthday, she sees her mom for the first time in years. She wakes up to find all the objects in her room floating and other strange electrical things happening to her. When she tries to shake it off and meet with her dad for her regular “birthday breakfast”, she discovers that she can hear Graham’s thoughts.

Graham doesn’t seem so surprised the strange phenomena is happening to her and hands her a letter written by her mom, explaining everything (that she’s half-fairy) and why this was happening (she’s come of age). Graham begs her to not use her powers because it might put them in danger, but can’t explain why they’re in danger.

Afraid, Abigail goes to school, and tries to act her usual self, but finds it hard. An attack on school, MEAN LOOKING MEN and WOMEN storm classrooms grabbing GIRLS out of their desks and throwing them. Abigail manages to escape the chaos. She runs out in the hall and a GROUP OF PEOPLE throwing light balls is suddenly attacking the mean guys. She sees a woman that looks like Orla, AKA her mom. She runs down the hall towards her dad’s classroom. It’s empty, save for Graham, she scares him, she explains that there’s crazy people attacking the school and she thinks she saw her mom.

Once Upon a Fairypg17

Scene from Once Upon a Fairy. 

Graham jumps into action trying to escape without getting caught. Unfortunately the “crazy people” are Fairies and despite Graham’s effort to fight them off, he is knocked out. Abigail finds herself kidnapped by her mother’s family and is reunited with her mom for the first time in eight years. Orla doesn’t look like she’s aged a bit from any of the pictures they have of her in Abigail’s home. Abigail is shooken up and has a hard time understanding why her mom just kidnapped her and wants to be with her dad. When Graham finds his way to Abigail, he’s furious with Orla for putting Abigail in harm’s way.

Orla tries to convince Graham that Abigail is safer with her, but he doesn’t buy it, he’s more afraid that Abigail will become trapped in the “Otherworld” like Orla was and he’ll never see her again, but it wasn’t up to Orla or Graham. Abigail makes a decision that she wants to learn as much as she can about the fairies and what she can do to help protect herself.

In her discovery, she learns that there are two classes of fairies, Seelies and Unseelies. Unseelies have evil, dark magic and they’re planning on taking over the Seelies, the ones who control the door between realms. Herlequin, the King of the Unseelies is the one threatening to kill the Seelie royalty. She also learns how to control her powers and is taught tactical hand-to-hand combat training to protect herself. In the midst of training she learns about fairy-life from a young boy, Ethan, who’s powers haven’t activated yet.

Just when she thought being a fairy was the best thing in the world, she discovers that there’s a darkside to even the “good” fairies. Changelings are what keeps the Seelies from becoming Unseelies. When fairies “breed” together they become defective, their magic becomes unstable and their looks get deformed. Every now and then a fairy baby is selected to be traded with a human baby and both are raised by their respective parents. She learns that Ethan was a changeling, thus the reason why she could still hear his thoughts and he hasn’t manifested any powers.

On her final week of training, Graham was ambushed by Herlequin, looking for Abigail. When Graham didn’t give up Abigail’s location, he was taken to the Otherworld, and Herlequin shapeshifts into Graham and successfully captures the unsuspecting Abigail. When Abigail realizes where she is, she finds Graham who’s been severely beaten. Abigail tries her best to free each other but Herlequin disrupts her escape plan and takes her to his main hall.

Herlequin’s plan is revealed to Abigail that he is to marry her by magic and they will forever be bounded, Seelie and Unseelie blood. Their new marriage will force the Seelies to let Herlequin rule and control the realms. With the wedding date set for the next day, Abigail feels doomed.

Little did Herlequin or any Unseelie know, full-blooded human children are allowed into the Unseelie Otherworld undetected. Ethan, sent on a mission to help Abigail escape, finds his way to her. Together they run to free Graham and flee to safety. As they attempt to escape this realm, Abigail is ambushed and she shoves both Graham and Ethan back into her Seelie Mansion and closes the portal.

Angered, Herlequin speeds up the wedding date to right then and there and gets a Priest to start binding them together in a magic marriage. The wedding is crashed by Orla and her team. But, in the middle of the battle, Orla is stabbed. Abigail is by her side as Orla’s life drains from her. Orla apologizes for not being in Abigail’s life and gives her the rest of her magic she has left so Abigail can fight. And fight, Abigail does. Reached to her full power capacity, Abigail is able to defeat Herlequin and closes him off from ever leaving their realm until she is of age to rule.

Abigail and Graham attend the fairy funeral pyre. Graham asks what she decided to do, and she tells him she’s going to continue living as a human and then come back when she’s old enough to rule.


A/N: Thanks for reading the synopsis of Once Upon a Fairy. The script is available for option, contact me if interested.

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