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SCRIPT: As If I Could Be Saved (PITCH)

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Genre: 1-Hour Drama / Supernatural

Logline: Two cursed vampires must save 1 million souls in order to gain back their mortality, but it’s not easy when they’re not the only monsters and the only ones who can help are two humans: a waitress and a paranoid shut-in.


Setting: Boston, Massachusetts. Present day. Flashbacks from years 1785-1960.


  1. Constantin– A very handsome Frenchman, born into a noble family in Paris, France 1757. During the French Revolution, noble status meant nothing and he was careless with his father’s money. He became a vampire at 28 and since then he tries to keep in touch with his human side. He’s fallen in and out of love with several women since his immortality began and has trouble getting over them. He hates being a vampire and wants to be human again.

  2. Jacques– An eccentric, good-looking, Frenchman, was abandoned by his parents and adopted into Constantin’s family at a young age. It was because of him and his gambling addiction that they resorted to stealing and were turned into vampires. Stuck at 25, he is still a rebel, but is loyal to Constantin. Despite living for 300 years in various countries, he is unable to shake the French when he speaks. He doesn’t mind being a vampire, finds the extra powers exhilarating.

  3. Emily– A young 24-year-old naïve waitress at a 24-hour diner is also a struggling artist who believes her art will “pay the bills” one day. She’s lived in Boston her whole life and isn’t afraid of the “things that go bump in the night”. Her relationship with her friend Locke is purely platonic, but things could turn romantic if someone decides to step up.

  4. Locke– Locke is pronounced “Loki” and don’t ask him why it’s spelled that way. He is a 24-year-old shut in, living in his own apartment provided by his older brother. At age 10, a vampire attacked Locke on the way to camp. He was saved by Van Helsing’s apprentice, but lost his parents. In between panic attacks, Locke studies everything about vampires and other supernatural beings so that if they shall ever come after him, he’ll be ready. He’ll do anything to keep Emily happy, even if it’s working with the very things that he despises.

The Curse: Constantin and Jacques were caught stealing from the wrong person: a vampire warlock who only kills criminals. The warlock had a vision of Constantin and Jacques saving souls of a million humans, so instead of killing them; he cursed them with that task. The curse came in a form of a bite. In order to maintain immortality with the strength and speed to save lives; they became vampires. The rules are simple when saving a soul one must prevent death before their time (homicide, suicide), turn a crooked man “good,” and if needed: exorcism/ stop a demon possession.

Pilot “CURSES”: Constantin and Jacques return to Boston after leaving the city 65 years ago and blends in well with the new culture. Constantin returns to the graveyard shift at the same 24-hour diner in hopes to deal with some unfinished business with a past lover, while Jacques runs off in the night trying to find any souls to save. They fall back in the same routine saving souls from dusk to dawn. When a drug addict tries to rob the diner at gunpoint, Constantin and Jacques snap into action. Two problems: they moved inhumanly fast and Constantin’s co-worker, Emily, witnessed it all. Convinced they are superheroes, Emily tells Locke about the incident. Locke warns her to be careful; that they might not be the heroes she’s imagining.

The next night after work, Emily is attacked again and Constantin rushes to save her – the only way he knows how – by draining the attacker dry. But, the attacker is no ordinary person; it is a dog that turns into a “woman”. This isn’t the first time Constantin and Jacques have faced supernatural beings, but never defeated them without killing. Jacques argues with Constantin about telling Emily the truth while she roams their time capsule of an apartment. During the argument she sneaks away to Locke. In order to keep her from telling the world about their existence, Constantin and Jacques follow Emily to Locke’s apartment.

Constantin and Jacques explain how they became vampires without mentioning the curse and why they are not bad because they save lives: 30,000 to be exact. Locke doesn’t believe the story, but Emily buys in. As the sun is about to rise, Locke is forced to let them “ground” in his light-tight bedroom. The real danger isn’t the vampires in Locke’s bedroom; someone has been following Emily. A Male shape-shifter waits for Emily to be alone, knocks her out, and shifts to look like her. He goes to Locke’s apartment to exact revenge for his dead partner. Fortunately, Constantin and Jacques weren’t harmed thanks to Emily’s Houdini skills, getting a hold of Locke in time, and Locke’s hidden stash of weapons and chains.

After finding out what a shape-shifter is from Locke’s research, Constantin comes to the conclusion that they’re harmless to humans and releases it. Constantin thanks Locke for his help in relaying information and asks if they can remain in touch with future creatures. Locke is hesitant at first, but not wanting to disappoint Emily, he accepts with one condition: no more face-to-face contact with supernatural creatures.

— 30,004 Souls Saved —

What’s next? The series follows Constantin and Jacques trying to finish their task, all doing so while meeting “people” from the past they couldn’t defeat. The real reason behind Constantin and Jacques’ curse is revealed. Despite being lied to, Emily and Locke continue to work with the vampires while creating a digital database of supernatural beings. Locke makes his way outside and finds a new friend: a black cat named Naomi who, unknowingly to him, is a mythical creature called a “familiar” belonging to the vampire warlock. Naomi reveals herself to the vampires and tells them she is sent to help them with their curse.

After tying up loose ends, Constantin and Jacques pack up to leave. Emily, Locke, and Naomi tag along. The road to mortality continues elsewhere with new monsters, creatures, and ghosts – oh my!


Thank you for reading my TV Pilot pitch.

Please contact me if you would like to produce this series.

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