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On Lack of Writing: What I’m Doing Instead

I haven’t been writing this week. I’m not entirely sure why, but at this very moment all creativity has left the building.

I’m waiting for it to return.

So, I’ve been taking my mind off the lack of writing by creating book covers for my anthology and working on my freelance contract jobs. Some of the jobs help pay the bills. I guess that’s a good thing to be working on.

I posted four mock-ups on my facebook page to have people vote on which design they like the best. You can still vote! I’m not making a decision on them until a month before I release my anthology.

— Also, if you haven’t liked my facebook page yet, then now’s the time to do it!

I’ve posted the full unedited version of “Amelia” under the Patreon Exclusives tab. If you want to read the rest of her story or any of the other short stories I posted, please subscribe to the Exclusive Access tier on Patreon!

I know I said I was really excited about my new story idea… and I still am! I just feel like I hit a wall. I’m hoping that I can start to chip away at the wall and create a little opening to start working on my story again.

Oh! Before I forget:

I’ve been working on my book page for this website. It’ll be my “homepage” for all of my books and then I’ll be creating individual pages for each book with more information on how to buy them! Those individual pages won’t be up and running until I’m about to publish, but the homepage will be set up sometime this month or next. I’m just making sure I don’t have any mistakes on the page before I publish it.

Thanks for reading!


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