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Not writing, but…

First off I’m going to say this: the sun is out!!


and pretty flowers are blooming!!

It’s been an extremely busy couple weeks. I haven’t been writing my own stories much. But, there have been other things happening! My anthology has finished its editing process. It’s very exciting to have everything all in one spot now. I’m going to do a final pass-through before I start the publishing process! And my novella has begun its editing!

I’ve also been working a lot on my freelancing gigs, so it’s put me a bit behind on the writing game. Luckily I had a day to write yesterday putting my WIP at 3,000+ words. Only 97,000 words to go! (yes, I put my goal for this one at 80K)

Over the weekend I volunteered at a film and music festival called Connect Beyond. I was able to attend a few panels and watch a special preview screening of a film. It was a great experience to be a part of. I also got to meet a lot of the creators that were involved in the festival and it was just an overall humbling experience. I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to be in the presence of such great artists.

Since the move, I’ve been doing a lot more in film community. I’m working for a food news show as a writer/contributor and production assistant. Right now it’s unpaid work, but I am getting a lot of experience being a part of this project. I’m also working as an office production assistant for a local film company. It’s been a great experience working for them, as I get a better insight on how to run a production or better organize paperwork if I ever start a production.

I’m looking forward to whatever else comes my way in that regards.

I feel like my world is all over the place sometimes. I’m preparing to publish two books this year (aye aye aye) and then I’m also trying to get more experience and up my presence with the film community in this area. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing too much, but deep down I’m really enjoying it all.

I can’t wait to have my books finally published and then I can start talking about other things — like my new WIP and other ideas that are coming into fruition.

Until then, you’re stuck reading about how excited I am that I’m almost near the end.

Thanks for reading!


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