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Next Chapter

I've been on an insane ride since the end of November. Coming into November, I was very excited to do NaNaNoWriMo to work on my novel. But unfortunately that only lasted two weeks. One week of really strong writing days and the second week of mediocre.

As I headed into the holidays I was also bombarded with a new chapter in my life. My husband got a new job opportunity that required us to move to a different city. His start date didn't start until January but we had to be out of our house in December in order for us to start working on getting our home on the market. With the housing market being as crazy as it is, we wanted to get on there right away.

We decided that even though we didn't need to be in our new city until after the holidays, it was best to get our things moved out early December and we can crash at a friend's and our families' homes until then. That is no easy feat with a toddler and a dog in tow! I'm grateful for our little village we have that still continues to support all of us -- including our dog.

Through the holidays, I could barely concentrate enough to write, let alone getting this new website in order. It took me a bit longer than I had hoped to get this up and running. I wanted to have it open on New Years Day. But as always, my deadlines get pushed just a little. ;)

Anyway, I'm just now stable enough to get the ball rolling on my novel. I can't wait until I can set up a strong routine that gives me time to write. I cannot wake up early or stay up late like some moms do because my son's bed time routine heavily involves me and he'll wake up as soon as he realizes I'm not there. My typing still is too loud - "Hello new laptop? Why hath you forsaken me?" - so that is definitely out of the question!

I'm trying to set my writing times for when he's just playing willfully on his own in the mornings and during his nap times. Let's see how well this goes!

ghggn -- my son's word he wanted to type.

Thanks for following me on my ride!


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