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New Habits, New Endeavors, New Projects

Some of you reading this today may be stuck at home, so I’m going to provide you with some entertainment about what’s been going on since January.

New Habits:

So a couple weeks ago, I decided to start to better myself physically. I’ve been working on my mental health as of late and I felt like the next step of “self-care” was to start taking care of my body. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I have struggled with trying to gain weight my entire life.

I have been blessed/cursed with a high metabolism and that meant no matter what I ate, it was burned away. I also played a lot of basketball as a kid until college and then I stopped. As I got older, I’ve noticed that my muscles have started to weaken — and that was due to not playing sports after 10 years of playing sports. I mean I couldn’t even open a water bottle sometimes (that’s just sad).

So I checked out a gym, did the free trial and stuff, and then convinced my husband to have us both sign-up. I’ve kept up on it for two full weeks and I feel pretty good! I go in the morning – that’s when the least amount of people go – and it’s been an experience. At first, I was nervous about it all, but after I got over it, I just focused on myself by doing what I wanted to do!

I’m a little bummed the pandemic is going on at the moment since our gym just closed. Luckily our gym is offering a free month’s worth of their workout app so I can use it at home. I did my first work out this morning and it kicked my butt! But I’m not going to give up on myself.

New Endeavors:

Alright, next fun thing: I GOT A STORE!

So, I’ve been thinking about putting a store up online for people who’ve been being awesome and buying my books but don’t have the opportunity to see me so I can sign their books! I’ve signed a few copies for those who live nearby, but I know that I’m not able to see everyone! So I designed a bookplate and got some printed!


I’ve also been putting in a lot of hours learning out how to crochet, so I decided to look into how to make a bookmark and my flower idea came to mind!


So that’s just two of the things that are in my store. If you want to check it out, click here.

New Projects:

I have been working on a picture book with my mom. I’m putting the pages together and digitizing her artwork. It’s been a fun experience and I can’t wait for y’all to see the finished product.

I wrote a few more chapters on my WIP since 2020 started. I think the revamp to the story is working out. I’m really liking the characters and where the story is going. I’ll be working on it periodically throughout the year and hopefully, I can finish it!!

Full disclaimer: it took me about three days to write this post, but at least I got it done!

Thanks for reading!


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