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Birthday Post

It’s my birthday today! You know what that means?

I don’t know either.

But I do know that today isn’t going to be very productive. But I am writing this blog post so that counts!

So the other day I cleaned out my office so I can actually do work somewhere other than my living room couch. I wanted to see if that would lift my motivation and increase my productivity. Unfortunately in the beginning of the week I hit a bit of a snag because of an unforeseen foot pain, but towards the end, I actually found results!

The desk isn’t that neatly organized, but it’s there!!


I don’t think it changed much from couch to chair, but I did find that I focused more on my work better. I think being in an uncomfortable chair made me want to finish things quickly!!


Again, my motivation was subpar this week. I needed to finish a revision for my freelance project so I could get it out to my client. For some reason I didn’t want to work on it. It was frustrating because I knew I had to get it done this month, but for some reason my mind was like… let’s work on something else.

To help combat my lack of motivation I worked on my bullet journal. I made daily pages where I blocked everything I wanted to do that day and created a schedule. I didn’t really stay on schedule like I wanted, but I did get what I really wanted to work on finished that day. It felt great when I got to check off something I finished. My friend got me into bullet journaling and at first I was not doing so well. But I changed up my layout and I think it’s working for me.

I am looking forward to seeing how much more work I get done!

I’m sorry this wasn’t really a writing post but it’s my birthday so I can do whatever!! 😜

Thanks for reading!


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