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2020 Vision

Okay, I really wanted to make a joke about having 2020 Vision, but then I thought the memes were enough leading up to the New Year that I’m not even going to say anything.

Okay, maybe this:


I can’t believe we’re already almost through January. I wanted to make this post before the new year even started but everything just got so crazy, I didn’t really have the time to do it until now.

I already posted about by 2019 accomplishments, so I’m going to talk about my 2020 goals.


  1. Finish writing my WIP.

  2. Start rewriting my Japan-set screenplay.

  3. Bonus: Get it shopped!

  4. Create blog posts regularly.

  5. Post on my patreon regularly.

  6. Find creative ways to market the two books I’ve published.

The following goals outside of writing:

  1. Read more books — AKA finish my to be read pile!

  2. Go outside more — travel!

  3. Get a mental health check up.


  5. Visit old friends.

  6. Make new memories.

  7. Be able to crochet projects faster.

I have some things planned already for this year. In May, my husband and I are going on our first overseas trip together to Japan. We’re really excited to travel together. We’ve been talking about going for a long time and now it’s finally happening!

We also have to find ways to squeeze in trips to visit friends. I don’t know how people can do so many trips and still have a job that will be waiting for them. It was a lot easier planning trips when I wasn’t working because we could go whenever the husband’s work lets him.

Another thing I’m not liking about working is… I miss writing. I try to make time to write in the mornings (when husband has to go to work at 6 AM). But the off weeks are killing me. I need to be consistent and set aside some time. Maybe I should always wake up at 6 AM. *cringe*

In the past I wrote about how I’m keeping a bullet journal to keep me organized. I have to laugh now because that was not the way to do it for me. I don’t really know the best way to help me stay organized. I’ve pretty much tried everything. I think part of it is my accountability to organize. I need someone else to set a schedule. Is that so much to ask?

Anyway, I like having my goals just out there for people to know. It helps me stay on track to accomplish the goals I set for myself. You guys are what hold me accountable, regardless if you’re actually reading this or not.

And if you are — Thanks for reading!


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