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We Don't Talk About That.

Kevin was awake with his anxiety levels mellowed, hallucinations subsided, but it didn’t stop his thoughts. How could she hate me so much? He thought to himself, what did I do to deserve this? Why me? He was trapped in a prison cell that was his own mind.

Kevin and Molly have two views about their parents.
Kevin, a diagnosed schizophrenic, thinks his parents believe he’s damaged goods. Molly, an overachieving honor student, understands her parents want what’s best for them.
After Kevin’s suicide attempt, Molly starts to view their family the way Kevin had and forces her parents to see the damage they have caused.

My mother turned to us and said, “Not a word about this to anyone.”
I looked at my dad, he agreed.
I didn’t.

In We Don’t Talk About That., we explore what life is like in a home of a young teenager struggling to cope with schizophrenia and what happens to the family after a suicide attempt becomes the final rip that tears them apart.

Available in Paperback and eBook

Voices: a short story collection


Each with unique experiences and lessons about life and relationships.

In this anthology you’ll find fifteen different short stories. Tales of young, old, and everyone in between. Stories about Family, Friends, and Life.

15 Stories. 15 Voices. 1 Collection.

Emi Sano breathes life into each character, giving them compelling stories that keeps you turning the pages.


Available in Paperback and eBook



Available as a Dot Grid Journal and Lined Page Notebook

Only on Amazon

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